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Bosch GLM 80 + R 60 Combo Kit with 265-Foot Distance Measurer and 24-Inch Digital Level

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Bosch GLM 80 + R 60 Combo Kit with 265-Foot Distance Measurer and 24-Inch Digital Levelbosch


Bosch Glm80 Laser Distance Measurer

with R60 Level works incredible for measuring separation, demonstrating tilt, and performing range counts, and is for the most part an amazingly of service instrument. We recently own (and truly like) the exact convenient Bosch Glr225 Laser Distance Measurer and use it very nearly every day as we redesign a building we purchased for our modest business, and this unit is stunningly better in all respects.

The Glm80 might be utilized as a standalone unit or mounted in the 24″ long R60 aluminum level, and immediately enters the right mode. The showcase is illuminated and is auto-turning, making it simple to read at any edge. Taking fundamental estimations is one-hand simple, press the principle bind, point the laser, press the primary catch once more, and the consequence is shown. The separation estimations have been exceptionally faultless when tried against known lengths (we tried it out to 213.5′).

The plot estimation is a fantastically supportive characteristic that I have utilized more than envisioned. It is possible that standalone or when mounted in the R60, the unit will show the present edge and will transmit a capable of being heard tone when at 0 and 90 degrees.

This unit has inside rechargeable electric storage devices and in the wake of utilizing it for a couple of weeks have yet to need to revive it. How convenient inner electric cells are is an individual inclination, since I am continually neglecting to put rechargeable things once again on the charger when they get low.

In general, a strong and exceptionally utilitarian mechanism that works precisely like it might as well!

Profoundly Recommended!
The best for your digital length measurement project !

Amazon Description

Modes of Measurement

Bosch boosts usefulness with the GLM 80, which is provided to work in numerous estimation modes relying upon client needs. Backhanded length estimation mode furnishes clients the capacity to confirm blocked off separations that are hindered by items or that fail to offer a reflecting surface by applying the Pythagorean hypothesis. The minimum/maximum estimation mode proves to be useful when assessing the most brief and longest separations from an altered focus, making it perfect for utilization when measuring plumb lines (least) and diagonals (greatest). Its multi-surface region mode verifies the aggregate territory of various differentiate surfaces with an imparted length or tallness.

Practical Features

The GLM 80′s inherent tilt sensor includes an alternate extent of exactness by figuring 360 points in two-hub, implying that it works faultlessly both on a level plane and vertically. What’s more between the tilt-screen innovation (the showcase turns when the GLM 80 is turned more than 75 degrees and is additionally neat upside down) and the substantial illuminated four-dab lattice screen, the GLM 80 gives optimal survey in all bearings. It immediately saves the final 20 estimations (both separation and edge) in its memory, incorporating the distinctive estimations that signify the effect and the combos thereof. Furthermore provided that one specific evaluation needs to be forever saved, clients have the choice to spare it as a steady. Rechargeable by means of a standard micro-USB port, the reconciled lithium-particle electric cell permits clients to make up to 25,000 estimations for every single charge.

The Perfect Pairing

The GLM 80′s ergonomic outline characteristics four level surfaces for the most agreeable fit in pockets or work sashs, and its reconciled lithium-particle electric storage device makes its profile all the more minimal. Its intense outline makes it drop-safe up to three feet, and its ensured against dust and water (IP 54). The point when embedded into the R 60 level connection, it immediately changes with the computerized level mode. A sound indicator means when 0 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees are arrived at both with and without the R 60—and two air pocket vials are consolidated into the connection for supplementary reference.

What’s in the Box

One Bosch GLM 80 laser separation and point measurer, one R 60 advanced level connection, one lithium-particle electric cell charger, one GLM 80 sash pocket and one R 60 car


Bosch GLM80 265ft Li-Ion Another Review

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Cheapest price @ Amazon: 169,99 $
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Bosch GLM80 265ft Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

The Glm80 is a breeze to use with loads of competencies! It’s equipped to make exact estimations of impeded or hard to achieve lengths utilizing. No compelling reason to do the trigonometry on paper! It likewise digitally measures plots, to a great degree precise when utilized with R60 level. Each builder, real estate broker and architect may as well have a laser go discoverer.

One issue: the pin that pops out for measuring from tight corners is plastic and breaks effectively. I don’t comprehend why bosch didn’t utilize the same stick outline from the Glr225. Beats me, yet that was doltish. Possibly way the Glm80 is worth the extra$40 for the added measuring competencies.


Bosch’s GLM 80 laser separation and plot measurer is the propelled mechanical reply to making basic yet correct estimations. With numerous estimation modes and characteristics that make it both smaller and client amicable, the GLM 80 makes it less demanding than at any other time in recent memory for tradesmen, for example electrical technicians, builders, painters, artisans, and developers to figure separation, zone, volume, or points rapidly and with exactness. Incorporates 265-ft Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Meter – Glm80, Micro USB Charger, Carrying Case, Pocket Guide (Quickstart Manual).

Two-hub 90-degree tilt sensor empowers aberrant estimations with a single click of a bind

Lithium-particle electric cell permits up to 25,000 estimations for every charge

Illuminated flip showcase is not difficult to read in all bearings or in dim conditions

Optional R 60 computerized level connection converts the GLM 80 into a 24-inch advanced level

MFG Model # : GLM 80

MFG Part # : GLM 80

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

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My first experience with laser/sonic separation estimation apparatuses was the Straight-Line 64030. It was given to me as a blessing and rapidly discovered a spot in my “unused apparatuses heap”. The issue I had with the Straight-Line was that it was not all that dependable or reliable in its estimations. That seems to be a touch kind; I couldn’t believe the Straight-Line as it was uncontrollably wrong about a fraction of the time. I accepted items in this class weren’t primed for prime time. That was 2003.

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

Quick sending to 2011, I was willing to attempt the Bosch Glr225. The foremost thing I recognized is the way generally developed the Bosch unit is. It is as solid as you might need of an apparatus with the Bosch name on it. The plastic is a hard plastic that could likely be tossed out of a moving vehicle and not endure more than scratches. This thing may as well hold up quite a while.

I instantly began testing different estimations in my house and contrasting the readings with an old-school measuring tape and the Straight-Line. I discovered the Bosch Glr225 to be unequivocally the same as the measuring tape to no less than 1/4″ precision. I measured an indoor space (> 15 feet) and both the Bosch and the measuring tape gave indistinguishable estimations while the Straight-Line was off by 1/2 inch.

I then tried various areas in my house and discovered that every time, the Bosch was inside 1/8″ or better of my measuring tape. In a portion of the more drawn out estimations, I suppose the Bosch was more correct on the grounds that the measuring tape was not splendidly straight (it twists because of gravity which spoils the estimations.) I did one test where I positioned the laser marker nearby a part of a ledge that sticks out 3 inches from the divider. I then measured from over the room with the speck on the ledge then after that again on the divider. It was faultless to 1/16″ in both cases; fundamentally, wherever I sharp the laser speck is *exactly* where it measured to. I was inspired by this fine determination from 15′ away.

I then went outside and positioned the spot on my back wall. Indeed, in sunlight, I could see the speck from 60′ away. It was a spot faint, however still truly noticeable. The estimations pressed on to be precise.

After in the vicinity of 50 estimations, I have yet to get an odd perusing from the Bosch Glr225. On account of the Straight-Line, I might get an insane come about a fraction of the time. Things have made a ton of progress since 2003!!

My main grumbling is the absence of a backdrop illumination for the LCD show: you can’t utilize this as a part of the dull.

A couple of notes:

* It has a “min/max” capacity. Provided that you set it to “min”, it will persistently measure wherever the speck is sharp and show both the present separation and the most limited separation that it has measured as such. The “max” capacity works the same way.

* It reports separations to the closest 1/16 of an inch.

* Measurements are very quick for the most part inside a second.

* It doesn’t give off an impression of being water proof/water safe the electric cell case would effectively assume water assuming that it arrived in a puddle. I suppose it might be great to use in the downpour.

* It has a convenient mode for figuring square footage and cubic footage of a territory. The on-screen LCD show assists control you with convenient pictures demonstrating the room extents.

* It has a convenient mode for doing constant square footage estimations of numerous spaces while adding to the running sum. This might make it exceptionally simple to head off from room to room bringing square footage estimations with negligible object. Extremely cool.

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

I suppose this is an exceptionally great item and assuming that you need to do continuous estimations of huge spaces, something like this might be a key part of your toolbelt. I suppose it will keep going quite a while under substantial utilization.

Bosch GLM80 265ft Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

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Cheapest price @ Amazon: 169,99 $

Highest price @ CPOTOOLS 199,99 $

You can save 30 $ ! Here is the Website:
Bosch GLM80 265ft Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

In the wake of doing some broad scrutinize on different laser measuring apparatuses, the Bosch Glm80 separated to the highest priority on my record. It had incredible max separation capabilites (265ft), precision, and was aggressively estimated, additionally had edge estimations that generally different units did not have. The most amazing profit to the edge estimation was it could be utilized to immediately compute circuitous hieghts and separations. By inderecnt, I mean you could get a divider tallness without really being at the base of the divider. You could be standing 30ft out from the divider base, shoot up to the highest point of the divider at and plot, and the apparatus would immediately compute the tallness of the divider given the edge you shot at in addition to the separation (length) of the hypotenuse of the triangle you recently structured. Pretty awe inspiring characteristic, however does hinge on upon the floor and the divider being perpendicular to one another. The twofold plot estimation characteristic is fantastic besides. You can measure the tallness of a divider opening, for example a window, regardless of the fact that you can’t achieve the opening. You can pillar it, at a plot, at the top and lowest part of the opening and it will immediately ascertain the tallness of the opening for you. An unfaltering hand, or tripod, is wanted assuming that you need truly faultless estimations however.

The main inquiries I couldn’t appear to find replies to before purchasing this unit were the sort of units in might show length and point estimations in. The manual never truly discusses the alternatives and appeared to just describe/show decimal feet or meters for length estimations and degrees for point estimations. I was searching for an unit that might show length estimations in Feet+inches+fractionalinches and point estimations in different groups. When I gained the unit, I was charmingly shocked that lenght estimations could be presentation in decimal feet (27.575′) or Feet+inches+fractionalinches (27’6″1/8). Plots could be shown in degrees, % incline, or inches/ft. This is superb for measuring top or incline inclines, in extra to general carpentry use for edges.

I obtained this unit for utilization in the Archtectural firm I work for doing field estimations, for example builts or existing conditions. So far the unit has functioned as promoted for us yet we have just had it for a brief time of time. It accompanies a delightful canvas case that might be connected to your sash and the presentation is additionally illuminated which is superb. I haven’t discovered any negatives yet that I could remark on. I would deinfitely propose this unit from my experience with it as such.

DEWALT DW030P Laser Distance Measurer

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Laser Length Measurement is what brings me here today, as I churn out what I consider to be the best laser length measurement tool up to date (in quality vs. price ratio).

If you’re still using traditional means when taking measures, chances are you haven’t stumbled upon a tool likes that catches your eye – or you fear that this method isn’t as reliable. Well, rest assured that the method is tested and proven to be even more reliable than traditional methods like measuring tapes.

Now, back to what brought me here – to announce my award of best laser length measurement tool of the year… and it goes to:

Dewalt DW030P

Why did I make this choice?

Well, it’s a fact that are even more powerful tools out there, but this one is extremely reliable and performs on a high standard while still retaining a low price. Comparing this laser length measurement tool with the others, this is the one that really pops out in quality/price.

Some of my motives were obviously the specs, as the tool measures a range of 100Æ with 1/8 accuracy. It can also provide the data in different measures (linear, square feet, volume…) and do some math operations with the measurements you take (adding, subtracting…).

Now, there are some reasons that are less specific, but for a guy like me that works a lot on the field these were equally important. One of these reasons is the visibility it has – the screen is lit green and you can see it even when working in dark spots or at night, others aren’t so easily readable.

The base is also flat so you can set it down for increased stability when taking measurements. There are a lot of laser length measurement tools that you have to hold on to or aren’t just as straight and these are factors that will mess your readings up. I don’t know about you, but on my job every inch counts.

The Dewalt is also capable of continuous measurement, but one last thing that really pleases me is its ease of use.

I’m more of a practical guy, so having 4 buttons for most of the functions is really a plus. Other laser length measurement tools look like we need to learn rocket science to use them, and that’s not good.

For professional guys with a short budget, Dewalt DW030P is the way to go.

Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

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If you’re in the market for a top of the line tape measurer then has a technologically advanced measuring tool for your next work project. It’s called the Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit. The laser digital distance measurer offers fast, easy and accurate measuring. The device boasts up to 130 foot range of laser distance, allowing the user to work alone without any hassles. The Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit eliminates any inaccurate measuring by utilizing advanced precision laser measuring technology. The device is also equipped with four measurement systems and a continuous length mode. The laser distance allows you to walk as you measure, readjusting the measurement as you walk. This eliminates the need to take notes or reposition the ordinary tape measurer during work projects. Laser distance measurement ensures accuracy up to 1/16-inch of any work project; you will no longer have to guess how accurate your measurements are. Rest assured that with the Bosch DL130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit will produce accurate measurements no matter what the project size. You will no longer have to have someone at the other end reading off your measurements when you utilize the laser digital distance measurer. 

Laser length measurement

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Decoding the Working Mechanism of Laser Length Measurement

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Laser length measurement is primarily about collecting measurements and the devices used for the purpose are considered to be the quickest and most precise method of doing so. With them, distances can be measured in just a couple of seconds at the push of a mere button. What is more, you do not even need to use your two hands. One hand is enough for the job. Thus, you can save both money and time.

The working mechanism of laser length measurement is pretty simple. A pulse of light from the laser is first sent to the concerned target. This is followed by the detection of the reflection. The next step involves capturing of the time that separates the two events. This time is converted finally into distance. A very simple formula is implemented in this process: Distance is equal to the product of time and speed, divided by two. Here, speed refers to that of light, which is around 300,000 km/sec.

You can find a wide array of laser lengthmeasurement devices in the market in today’s time. The brands which are most popular in this sphere include Bosch, Fluke and Leica. Let us have a look at some of the common models from one of the leading brands Bosch.

  • Bosch DLR130K: It can be said to be the most elementary device in the whole product line of the brand. Along with being the smallest laser length meter in the whole world, it is also the cheapest. It is capable of measuring up to a distance of 130 feet, with 1.5 millimeter being the error margin. Volume and area can be calculated by it. It can also measure, subtract and add in incessant mode.

  • Bosch GLR225: It is a variant of DLR130K with a measurement capacity of 225 feet. It is equipped with more features. Measurements of multi-surface areas, indirect length and maximum and minimum distance can be calculated by it.

  • Bosch GLR500: Its measuring capacity is 500 feet with minus or plus 1.0 mm accuracy. All the things that are done by the GLR225 can be performed by this device, with additional features likemulti-cornered room area, stake out capability and tilt measurement. It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

  • Bosch GLR825: It can easily be termed as the most advanced device if the entire product line of Bosch is taken into account. In fact, it holds a world record for maximum range. A distance of 825 feet can be measured by it with an impressiveprecision of 1.0 mm. It is one step ahead of the GLR500 in the sense that along with comprising all its features, it also consists of a magnification digital camera of 1.6x. Its purpose is to locate remote targets or the laser point.

Laser length measurement devices can be used for a number of purposes from sports to civil engineering and map making. They are also used by the police at the time of investigating a crime scene. It is their simple and smooth working mechanism that makes them the most preferred alternative for measuring distances. 

How to use a Measuring Wheel

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How to use a Measuring Wheel


Ever you came across term hodometer, waywiser, perambulator or clickwheel? This are nothing but a Surveyor’s wheel or Measuring wheels; Commonly used for distance measurement.

Fig 1 : Measuring Wheel

Surveyor’s wheel are connected to the origin of odograph and latter is derived to measure distance travelled by a vehicle. These days device is made up of aluminium with solid of pneumatic tires on the wheel. Its single wheel device but sometimes constructed into double-wheel.


Fig 2: A diagram of a surveyor’s wheel taking measurement

In above diagram is the arc length, is the angle in radians of the circle swept through and denotes radius of the circle.

It clearly denotes we measure length using circumference of wheel.



S = (a/b)C

Were S is arc length, a and b are two constants and C is circumference.


Fig 3 : Measurements of inner side of Measuring Wheel.

Most of measurement is done by using scale tapes; but looking at long distance engineers need some tool which overcome limits of a tape. Here we come across Measuring wheels because it don’t content measuring tape. Instead of tape it is driven by calibrated wheel to determine length. A counter or odometer mounted on or near the handle of the wheel displays the travelled distance.


Fig 4 : Odometer; Gives us various option for measurement.

Newly designed wheel is One-person Digital Measuring system. Just roll the wheel over area and get precisely calculated length. Digital Odometer gives access to feet-inches, yards, Meters and even Acres. Its Build in memory helps to store this measurements and recall letter.

Instructions for using Measuring Wheel:

  1. Clean the surface of a wheel before using it to remove unwanted add-ons which will help to take measurement exactly. All measurements are taken according to circumference of wheel so wheel must be clean and free from debris.

  2. Place equipment at starting point to begin measurement. Rotation of wheel is directly proportional to length so keeping wheel at exact point of starting is main part of whole measurement process. you should be more precious about this.

  3. Maintain steady walk along the distance for whole measurement process. Making wheel rotate to fast and changing in speed may affect length measurement because its cluster based measurement system. So maintain study walk is necessary during the whole process.

  4. On reaching to destination pick up the wheel from ground. Whole length covered by wheel is exact measurement given by odometer. So one should pick up the wheel from ground on exact point of destination.

  5. Take down the digits displayed on the counter. this will give you exact measured length. Once finished with whole process one should take down numbers to process them in conversation of various terms.

Surveyor’s wheel provides good accuracy while measuring length on a smooth surface, such as pavement. On rough terrain wheel might be sleep or bounce which will directly affect accuracy of measurement. As well obstacles in the way of the path may affect measurement.

Long length can be measure using various devices but looking towards most of plus points Measurement wheel gives exact length with very less affecting modules.

-Sudhir Devkar

Download PDF

Measuring Wheels

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